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Wild Wonderful

Ravenswood, West Virginia

KSWV has a state-of -the-art facility located along U.S. Route 33 and one mile (1.6 km) west of Interstate 77 at the Ravenswood/Silverton Exit 146. Interstate 77 is a major north-south interstate highway.


The Company has a rolling 43 acre (174,014 sm) site near the Ohio River in the foothills of the Allegheny Mountains.

Plant 1:
The largest facility on the Ravenswood, WV campus encompasses 45,322 sf (4,211 sm). This facility includes production areas totaling 39,565 sf (3,675 sm) and a 5,757 sf (535 sm) office building that houses administrative and quality functions. Plant 1 is 100% climate controlled.

Plant 2:

This facility encompasses 19,757 sf (1,835 sm) and is broken down into a 14,000 sf (1,302 sm) production area, along with 5,757 sf (535 sm) office building. This facility is 100% climate controlled and has a higher ceiling height to accommodate larger equipment.

Other Structures:

KSWV has three detached storage buildings totalling 2,197 sf (204 sm) for various storage purposes. None are climate controlled.

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